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Baldwin County, Alabama Growing Too Fast - Forces Voting Location Changes

Story Courtesy Of Fox10 News

A voting location in Daphne, Alabama
Major voting location changes come to Baldwin County, Alabama

Being prepared and informed before voting is crucial but it’s even more important this year for Baldwin County voters. Amid rapid population growth, county commissioners approved a resolution that required adding and relocating polling locations throughout the county.

“We’re up to 250 something, thousand people. I think with the last census we were like at maybe 200 or 189 or 190 something thousand. So we’ve grown almost a 100 thousand people and that is comprised mostly within two districts -- District 4 and District 2,“ said Commissioner Charles Gruber.

He represents District 4, which covers the lower part of Alabama including places like Fort Morgan, Orange Beach and Gulf Shores. District 2 is represented by Commissioner Matthew McKenzie and it covers cities like Spanish Fort, Daphne and Fairhope. Gruber says those districts are the areas where the population has increased the most.

“Eastern Shore’s got its uniqueness and I guess the uniqueness of the Gulf Coast has a lot to do with it. Foley, OWA, you got all this stuff here. It’s a perfect place to live,” Gruber adds.

So what does this mean for Baldwin County voters who participate in this year’s statewide election?

Well, officials say expect to see 15 new polling locations throughout Baldwin County. Seven new polling locations with their own voting precincts were added in cities like Spanish Fort, Malbis and Summerdale. On top of that, eight polling locations were relocated in the north Baldwin County areas of Little River and Crossroads, on the eastern shore in Spanish Fort, Bromley and Point Clear and in South Baldwin County in Magnolia Springs, Bon Secour and Orange Beach.

So before you head out the door this year to cast your ballot, make sure you check your voter registration card to ensure you’re headed to the right location.

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