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Chelcey Place | Neighborhood Video Tour

Chelcey Place is a small, custom-built neighborhood community located just off of Milton Jones road in Daphne, Alabama. Chelcey Place is a very low capacity, low turnover neighborhood that makes it perfect for families of all types. The neighborhood averages less than one home sold per month. Chelcey Place is tucked away just minutes from everything Daphne, Alabama has to offer, but is just far enough away to where people are allowed to experience having a peaceful homestead without being bothered with things like road noise.

If you're looking for tons of amenities - Chelcey Place may not be the neighborhood for you. While Chelcey Place IS a covenant restricted neighborhood (fancy words for it HAS an HOA), you won't get much from your dues. They take care of the community grass, the entrance up front, and they enforce the bylaws to make sure property values remain high in the community.

Feel free to check out my full video tour below, and drop me a comment/email/text with any questions you may have about Chelcey Place, or Daphne in general.

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