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Gaston's Lawn Care - Daphne, Alabama Landscaper

Transcript: hey what's going on guys Cale Myrick with Waters Edge Realy today I was able to catch up with Taylor Gaston with Gaston's lawn care and we're able to talk a little bit about his personal life and dive into some of the business aspects. You're not going to want to miss this.[Music]Hey what's going on guys I'm here with Taylor Gaston from lawn care first of all Taylor I just want to say thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to uh join me here at Provision today. So I really appreciate that. Of course I appreciate it man yes sir thank you for having us um so I just want to let you know these uh some of these questions I have for you today are they're kind of off the wall all over the place but I just want you know authentic answers and stuff like that I don't want you to be able to prepare too much for them right um yeah let's just jump right into it so for for the people who are watching this that don't know you can you tell us maybe a little bit about yourself your family you know Hobbies things you like to do things of that nature sure sure so uh once again my name is Taylor Gaston the owner of Gaston's law the landscape um age of 28years old uh 30 scares me a little bit but it's coming uh my wife and I her name is Kelly we have four kids together all under the age of 10 uh pretty active in sports and and active outside so we stay pretty busy yeah yeah um definitely busy in the community I mean I see you I see you at the baseball fields all the time right uh coaching and and volunteering your time so that's definitely much appreciated but uh just to jump into a little bit about the business so when when people hear uh Lawn Care Gaston's lawn care right they may think of cutting grass they may think of weed eating maybe you know blowing the grass off their driveways I know you provide more services than that right so can you can you talk about a couple of those services that you might provide that people might not think of when they think of just a lawn care business sure So within our company you know know it's it's more than just uh cutting your grass and and just what they like to call a blow and go right uh you know your average guy shows up you know cuts the grass and leaves um uh we here at gas and Lawn Care uh take it very seriously when we service someone's yard it's their home it's their value it's you know it's they invest a lot of money into that right um and of course you know the landscape is is usually the first you know going to see you approach someone's uh home um so we we offer plenty of packages uh and these packages go from anywhere from from uh flower bed maintenance to to paver walkways to Landscaping to landscape lighting you know um just just things to help beautify the home right um my my team and I um we we we take every home like it was our own well just to go into a little bit of background about the company uh a lot of people like to know the origin story right like where were you at when you started the company like where were you at in life what were you doing when you decided just to hey let's take the leap let's go into business for our self and let's become an entrepreneur because that's a very hard thing to do it is it is so um in high school uh we I did cut a little grass had a little little company on the side so it I could always see it started a little bit there um always love being outside which which helped us of course um um I was in sales for you know roughly seven or eight years um it was great um it helped me start my family um but sometimes it it just the motivation the the drive that I have it it's hard to be at one place um we want to help better the community um I love being there for people being able to help uh so so being an entrepreneur and and having my own company you allows me to do more of that um it's not always about the dollar so that's big for us okay so more about building relationships and trust with the client correct right that's a big deal for a lot of people um so so talking a little bit about how you do business I know you're a firm believer you do work for me all the time so I know you're a firm believer in putting a client on a contract you know some people like to just be called and do one time cuts I know you're not a big fan of the onetime cut you will do it but you're not a big fan of it can you give me from from a business owner's perspective maybe what an advantage is to having a contract versus just to being called out of the blue you sure so at the end of the day we take care of people that want to take care of us uh and what that means is um obviously in in our our Seasons here uh grass does go dormant for a little time being um but leaves we control there's a lot of extra things that we do in the off months to help unify your home through the holidays through the new year before the grass starts growing again um year year round there's always something to do we don't want someone to drop us for the winter months and only pick us up for the summer months we divide our payments into monthly payments um it it's better for us it's better for the customer you know you have teacher salaries that get paid onetime a month um you know we we we bill out you know one time a month it's the same amount every month so it really helps people budget right so yeah it lets people know what to expect and then you know you don't want a client having to call you in the summer when it gets busy and then you may not have a spot on your schedule right right we we are very structured right um we have a set schedule every day of the we come there's not a day to where someone's calling and saying hey you know can you can you guys service my line well it's a set schedule so we we are there we when we say we're going to be there we're going to be there and then in this business that's what matters yeah your word counts exactly and and it's funny that we're kind of segueing into that because that was my next question I was going to talk about how you know a lot of people have been burned by contractors in the past yes you know not just long hair guys painters anything you know I'm very familiar with that business from my past but um what would you say to like a homeowner who was gunshy about maybe hiring a contractor maybe they're sitting on the fence maybe they do their own lawn now and maybe they want to move forward they want to hire you um you know there has to be a level of trust there I mean what are there is I I think you should do your homework um you know a lot of people go off bids you know they go off of um I may get a ABC bid C is higher B is lower a is middle and we're just going to you know go with one I don't think that should be the cause at all um I think you should do your homework you should reach out to your your resources or people that know who owns the company or who who has customers to the company sometimes we even give customers that are looking to take on our service we'll give them are ferral list of homes that we manage and we take care up here in B County and you know tell the ask the customers if they would like to go with us or they can drive to see the properties that we manage okay um to help build that trust no one you know um I will give you know reference numbers uh telephone numbers to customers if they like to make phone calls as well our reputation is very important to us yeah that's big because you know when people do business they they do business with people they know like and Trust correct and so when you provide that for them when you do the homework for them and say hey here it all is and you lay it all out they feel a lot more comfortable around you because a lot of times when that work is being done at the home uh they can't be there so you know I've had in my previous you know career I've had to bein people's houses when nobody was there and they had to be able to trust you yeah yeah I mean it's it's a it's a trust thing for sure so along those same lines um a lot of people feel more comfortable with the owner of the company being in the field with the guys are you an owner operator or do you stay at home and run the business from from the home so I am an owner operator um there are days um that I am not you knowable to be with the guys but of course we you know we have we hire uh very manageable and trustworthy um um workers um you know we we put a lot of faith and trust behind them as well um you know we we're not going to hire somebody that we do not feel comfortable backing our business um but but 99.9% of the time I am with the crew I'm with the guys we are on site okay yeah that that'll give a home a homeowner a lot of Peace of Mind communication is big for us um you know we we we talk to our customers throughout the year uh you know we there's a lot more that goes on than than me or my guys showing up searching your Laine there's there's a background to it right so jumping back to what you first first started the company maybe your first couple of years with the company um you know a lot of people that are entrepreneurs deal with adversity right like they deal with hard times and when I first got into the business of real estate it was I would have moments where I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to make it work and make a living I was doing it part-time at first and it you know it took a lot of faith to make that leap into full time is there a specific moment that you can remember when you started your business maybe a year or two in that you were like you know maybe maybe your best guy quit or you you know you couldn't keep up with your account and it was like this is a make or break moment for the if I make it over this hurdle I'll be fine but if I don't you know I could be looking for work elsewhere yeah there there was a there was a time that I worked two jobs you know in sales and this um there was a time that I had to decide what's best for my family right um and sometimes I can't say that there was never a situation as deep as that um financially sure you know there you know it when you're the when you're the backbone if you are the backbone your your family then um you've got to find that drive inside of you to wake up every day put on your pants and go to work and get a done yes uh you know my my My Wife and Kids is what I wake up to every morning to to um help provide for them right I give them the life that they want need um so like I said everyone you know has to find their motivation and find their self-driven gratitude or whatever the case may be um so yeah the uh the family is a big motivating factor for a lot of people um so with that being said kind of segueing into this are there any common myths or misconceptions that let's say you go to a client's house and they think uh all Lawn Care people do it this way or you know you hear a lot of stuff that may not be true from from a client maybe they don't know all about the businesses or is there anything that you want to you know talk about that you hear a lot from a client that's just not true no um you know shockingly to be completely honest we don't hear ever any negativity um in um in our line you know it it maybe uh the contract that may scare people you know the word when you put the word contract on any it kind of discourges some people um so help you know uh justifying and identifying that the meanings of the contract is big for us explaining correct go you know finding what it really is and what it means to us and them uh cuz like I said it's it's more than about just you know cutting your grass right well one last question uh before we get out of here if you could start over today would you choose the same career path that you're on no wor would you like to explore maybe different options and there's no right or wrong answer obviously right right um no I love what I do um if I didn't love what I do I wouldn't do it now right um I think that's for a lot of people in our day and age in our time you don't love or like what you're doing you need to find that right I'm not saying quit your job I'm not saying go fulltime into something I'm just saying you need to find what you like and love that way you can wake up every day and go do something that you want right of course there is bad times there you know there's always there's downfalls but you know uh uh you've got to look at at God to help get you pass out right yeah I I think too many people get stuck in the cycle of uh you know doing the same thing over and over comfortable you have to become uncomfortable at some point in your career and and and through that time I think people have to ask themselves it it's about you and your family it's not about what other people think right you know your friends may think you need to do this job or your friends may think you need to uh be in this position or that role it's it's whatever you like you feel comfortable with and what you're good at right sometimes you you know you find in life that you're good at things that you never thought you would be yeah people people find new passions all the time time especially careers um but you know with all that being said we're just going to wrap up with this is there anything you want to tell the people maybe how to contact you how to reach you um they can reach us at uh 251 366 0211that is my direct sale I do not mind giving that a help um we are in the middle of a web design uh revamping our website and all so we'll have that up and going this year um we are on Google uh that's probably the quickest way for us is Google um but word of mouth is big for us okay yeah and I I'll put all your information you know in the description of the video as well but uh with that being said man we're going to wrap it up uh I appreciate it man. I appreciate it Cale. I appreciate you taking the time.

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