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Spring Baseball Season In Daphne Is Officially Underway!

City league baseball signups are officially over in Daphne, and that means the draft has already happened, and practices are set to begin this week.

Parents, check your emails, (spam folders, too!) as your coaches have likely either emailed you or called you to let you know that they will be your child's coach for this season. This email should have included things such as who the coaches (and assistant coaches) are, what your practice schedule will look like, how to join your team's group chat app, (typically TeamReach) and what professional team you will represent on the field this year.

Daphne Sports Complex At Purple Park
View Of The Fields At The Daphne Sports Complex

Some important things to know about Spring baseball in Daphne city league: the Spring season is typically more competitive than the fall season due to more kids playing during the warmer weather. You will be required to provide a bat, helmet, glove, game pants, game socks, and game cleats. The city of Daphne will provide the jerseys and the hats that the kids will be wearing during the games. There are NO admission or parking fees at the park, everything of that nature should be covered in the costs you paid to sign your child up to play. There IS a concession stand at the Daphne Sports Complex, (Greek's Catering) that will handle all of your needs when it comes to concessions. They typically carry foods such as hot dogs, hamburgers, cheeseburgers, nachos, and Philly cheesesteak sandwiches. Greek's Catering takes both cash and credit/debit cards so you don't need to worry if you don't carry physical cash. Games for your team usually happen on a rotating schedule that includes Mondays/Wednesdays or Tuesdays/Thursdays. No games are usually scheduled on Friday nights or on the weekends, except for opening day. Opening day in Daphne has NOT been announced as of the writing of this article, but this article will be updated once City League Opening Day is announced. Opening Day in Daphne is a big deal, as all teams will play on the Saturday that Opening Day occurs. Opening Day usually includes on-site photographers in the event you would like to get team pictures/individual pictures for your child.

If you have any questions regarding anything sports related in the City of Daphne, Alabama, feel free to contact the Director of Sports & Recreation, Charlie McDavid @ 251-620-2710. His email address is

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