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Top 5 Things To Do With Kids In Daphne, Alabama (With Humor)

If you're like me and have children, the hardest part of planning a weekend out with the family is scheduling activities that will be both engaging for the kids, as well as entertaining enough for the parents not to want to pull their hair out.

That's the whole reason you're here. I mean, if we knew what to do, we wouldn't be googling "Best things to do in Daphne for kids" while our coffee is cold on the island and the kids are fighting over a Happy Meal toy while your husband has ducked off somewhere in the garage to scroll Tiktok's on his cell phone.

Well, I have some good news for you! That's what I am here for. As someone who was basically raised in Baldwin County, Alabama and has been a resident of Daphne, Alabama for many years now, I have the information that you have came seeking today.


If you're looking for somewhere to let the kids run wild while you don't have to exhort much effort (because you stayed awake way too late like you always do, only to always regret it the next morning and promise yourself that it will never happen again only to continue doing it and continue the self-loathing cycle), then I would definitely recommend taking your kids to We Rock The Spectrum - Daphne Kid's Gym. We Rock The Spectrum in Daphne is an indoor play place for kids of all ages. The Daphne Kid's gym is an inclusive, sensory friendly indoor playground that includes things such as trampolines, ziplines, rock climbing walls, foam pits, matted play areas, blocks, toys, and much more. We Rock The Spectrum will leave you refreshed and your kids exhausted. This helps keep your kids from judging you for feeding them their 4th Happy Meal of the week once they get the same toy for the second time. And you thought they wouldn't notice.

Inside Picture of The Daphne Kid's Gym
We Rock The Spectrum - Daphne Kid's Gym


If you're looking to burn off some of those calories from Mcdonald's (because be honest, you only ate it because you didn't feel like stopping twice after your kids threw a fit for those Happy Meals that no longer even fill them up), then the Preserve At Village Point Park might be the perfect end to your day. Catch the sunset over Mobile Bay with a view of the city, have a picnic in the grass, hangout at the gazebo, or walk the walking trails nearby (but watch out for alligators, I see one almost every time I visit Village Point Park). If you love freezing in the winter while pretending to exercise, or sweating your buns off during the summer just to add a 3 second video to your Facebook story showing your feet and legs to your friends to prove that you haven't forgotten how to walk, then the Village Point Park Preserve is perfect for you.

Walking path at village point park preserve - daphne, alabama
Walking Trail At Village Point Park Preserve

3) Urban Air Trampoline Park

Ok, so technically this isn't in Daphne, It is in Spanish Fort (looking at you, rich people), but if you're not willing to drive 3 minutes outside of the Daphne City limits to pay for your kids to jump on a trampoline when they still won't use the one they got three Christmases ago, you probably didn't read this far into the article anyway. This one is similar to We Rock The Spectrum if the Daphne Kid's Gym got all jacked up on Mountain Dew. The benefit of Urban Air is the fact that they have trampolines that can accommodate adults as well. So if you're not tired of jumping to conclusions, Urban Air will be happy to take your money to jump there instead. They also have other attractions like rock climbing, ropes courses, and an indoor playground and foam pit.

urban air trampoline park
Urban Air Trampoline Park - Daphne, Alabama

4) Hot Wheels Skate Center

If you want to attempt to relive your childhood, Hot Wheels Skate Center in Daphne, Alabama is the place for you. Be honest with yourself, you were never that good at skating and you lost every footrace on Friday night because you tried to wear socks during the races. You really only showed up for the dill pickle pops and the inappropriate music that none of us should've been listening to in the 6th grade. This is the classic skating rink, what more can I say? Loud music so we have to scream at our kids to get them to leave, a decent snack bar, demolition derby style child wipeouts, and over priced arcade games that your children would rather bankrupt you with over skating - the whole reason you came there in the first place.

hot wheels skate center daphne
SKate Floor At Hot Wheels Skate Center - Daphne, Alabama

5) USS Alabama Battleship Memorial Park

Once again, this one is technically NOT in Daphne, but if you won't drive the 12 minutes it takes to get to the USS Alabama to see what freedom looks like, then maybe China is a better country for you to vacation to? For every ticket purchased to see the battleship, a year is deducted from Kim Jong Un's life. The battleship is a BB-60, a retired warship built in Norfolk, Virginia and commissioned in 1942. The ship is chock full of displays of military attire, old weapons of war, placards telling interesting stories, and even a movie you can watch from the inside of the ship. The Battleship Memorial park is also home to an airplane hangar, displaying some of the military planes from the early 1900's as well as the USS Drum - the oldest submarine on display still in the United States. If you hate communism and love freedom, this attraction is for you.

uss alabama battleship
USS Alabama At The Battleship Memorial Park In Mobile, Alabama

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